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KOLOR-BURST Glimmers: White Sparkle (50ml)

KOLOR-BURST Glimmers: White Sparkle (50ml)

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Introducing KOLOR-BURST Glimmers, the ultimate solution for adding a touch of luxury to your cakes and desserts. Our high-concentration edible pigment is perfect for giving your creations a polished, metallic finish.

Whether dusting it onto sugar work or mixing it into a paint for more intricate designs, KOLOR-BURST Glimmers will take your cakes and desserts to the next level. The possibilities are endless with our non-toxic, approved food coloring.

Achieve a true metallic shine with our glossy finish dusting powder, perfect for dry brushing, painting, dusting, and wet-dusting on chocolate, fondant, royal icing, and more. Experience the difference with KOLOR-BURST Glimmers today!

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