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Fuchsia 50ml

  • Our concentrated coloured gel formulation gives your confectionary products a burst of colour applied from only a small amount, to colour various confectionary products, including Fondant, Modelling Paste, etc.

    KOLOR-BURST CONCENTRATED FOOD COLOURING GELS ARE AVAILABLE IN THE FOLLOWING COLOURS: Fuchsia, Cerise, Pink Flamingo, Rose Pink, Mulberry, Pansy Purple, Deep Violet, Raspberry, Bright Green, Leaf Green, Lime Green, Olive Green, Bittersweet, Orange, Bright Orange, Aqua, Blue Violet, Midnight Blue, Bright Blue, Red, Black, Bright Yellow, Chocolate Brown.

    All our products in the KOLOR-BURST range are made from food grade colourings and are safe to be consumed.